• By : Dr. Swati K (Breast Reduction), Kuwait
    Dr. Vishal is an excellent Plastic Surgeon. My surgery was entirely successful with his excellent craftsmanship. The staff of clinic is extremely co-operative with a heart warming attitude towards the patient. I would surely recommend patients to visit his clinic for any surgical procedure.    
  • By : Mr. Mooiz Bhayani (Gynaecomastia surgery )
    Result is awesome & satisfactory . Confidence restored, it feels like "NEW ME ".Surgery gave me the good shape. Staff is so helpful & co operative. Dr.Vishal Patel is so supportive & helpful with good guidance. Thank you so much.  
  • By : Annapurna (Patna), (Breast Augmentation)
    Thanks for the warmly care and yes your confidence has helped me a lot to ease out the pain. (Via SMS)  
  • By : Ms.Ruby, Kenya (Breast Implant)
    Dr. Vishal Patel has given me another chance to be happy with my life. Again I appreciate you and your team doctor. You have a very professional, loving, caring staff and services. It was AMAZING!!!
  • By : Ms. Binita (Breast Implant)
    Excellent treatment even staff is totally dedicated, highly determined. All staff members are very co-operative. Very best for painless treatment.
  • By : Salinder Singh(Gynecomazia)

    Dr. Vishal Patel’s staff is very co-operative. I am very satisfied with his work. I wish him all the best to keep on doing the same for all

  • By : Usha Patel (Breast Expander-Implant)

    Dr. Vishal Patel has deep knowledge about his subjects, is very co-operative and service oriented and is a very responsible person.

  • By : Aarti Pandey (Hair Transplant)

    I’m very thankful to the working teammates of Dr. Vishal Patel. They’ve helped me as and when required. The hospital is very clean. I’m thankful to Dr. Vishal as he helped me recover the hair which I’d lost

  • By : Lydia Leona, Nairobi, (Breast Lift & Reduction)

    A big thank you for helping me discover myself again. I used to have terrible backaches and neck pains but after the breast lifting and reduction, I have experienced none of such pains. I can now wear clothes comfortably without judging myself. I feel I am born again.Thanks. (Via SMS)

  • By : Dr. Vikram Shah, Radiologist, (Consultation for Tummy Tuck)

    Many thanks for being so nice to me and consulting me with lots of passion, care & concern. Highly appreciated Looking forward to see you. (Via SMS)

  • By : Geeta Nair, (Fat Under Arms and Breast Reduction)

    Dr. Vishal gave me good explanation and I was satisfied with it and his dedication towards his work, so I planned for undergoing my operation which was successful. I had no pain after the surgery. Thanks a lot to  Dr. Vishal and all staff.

  • By : Chandramani Ghedia ( Blepharoplasty)

    I was very apprehensive about having eye bags removed but Dr. Vishal Patel put me at ease from the first meeting. All in all not as bad as I thought it would be. All the best too Dr. Vishal and his staff and many thanks also

  • By : Rajesh Oraon (Upper Lip Reduction- Shape Up)

    Dr. Vishal Patel is very helpful and friendly person. I always kept contact before surgery by email. He gave good guidance for every step for the surgery. I will always be very grateful to him and his medical staff.

  • By : Komal Panchal (Breast Implant)

    I specially thank Dr. Vishal Patel and his staff for a very good treatment, surgery and care.

  • By : Corrine Rose,( U.K.), (Nose Tip Reconstruction)

    I am very grateful to Dr. Patel for all the work he has done for my treatment. He is very thorough in his treatment. The doctor has given holistic care all throughout and I feel very happy that I am in good hands!! I wish Dr. Patel good luck with all his future patients. Thank You very much.

  • By : Dhwani Nandi, (Laser for face)

    I took laser treatment for hair removal on my face. I feel 80% difference in my hair growth on my face. Also there is no harm to my skin on face due to laser. Even I feel that my skin of face has become better than before.

  • By : Pankti Parikh (Treatment of Axilla)

    Dr. Vishal is very good natured and friendly. Same goes for his staff. Hospital is very well maintained. Thank you for all the help.

  • By : Devanshi Bhatt (Breast Reduction)

    First of all I thank the doctor for great efforts and support to make me look more beautiful. Your services are just amazing. I do not have to think about a single thing after entering your clinic. Thank You.

  • By : Mitesh Islamia (DAR-ES-SALAAM, TANZANIA), (Scars over face)

    Thanks to the doctor and his staff for treating scars over the face in a very satisfactory manner.

  • By : Samta Rani Bhatt, (Breast Preservation in Cancer Surgery)

    I am very satisfied with the surgery. Dr. Vishal Patel is a very good surgeon.

  • By : Anu Patel, (White spot on lips)

    Thanks for removing the white spot on my lips. I was so happy when I saw that there is no white spot on my lips now. From my side you will get many compliments.

  • By : Nivedita (Liposuction)

    I will always be thankful to the doctor who has given my body a proper shape which was lost from few years. Before surgery, during my consultation he explained me each and every thing what he is going to do and how he is going to remove the fat. Excellent consultation and surgery. I will always be thankful to him and his entire team.

  • By : Vanita Patel, California, USA (Rhinoplasty)

    I had a Rhinoplasty done. Dr. Vishal has done an awesome job on bringing a shape to the nose. It gives me a pleasing look with my new shape of the nose. Thankyou very much.

  • By : Krupa Gandhi, (Eye-brow)

    My treatment was for scar over eye-brow. I am satisfied, service is too good. Approach of the doctor and staff is good.

  • By : Riya Mehta, (Tummy Tuck after weight loss)

    Dr. Vishal is a very lively person and an excellent surgeon. I am very satisfied with his work.The staff too is very supportive.

  • By : Darshan Patel, Canada, (Eye- Lid Surgery)

    Dr. Vishal Patel is very patient and careful during surgery as well as observation. I appreciate Dr. Vishal Patel sincere and careful effort to do the good work. I wish him all the best to keep on doing the good work.POST SURGERY TREATMENT IS EXCELLENT

  • By : Ronith Rubens, (Breast Implant)

    Very good treatment received. Very genuine and an expert doctor. Has expertise in Breast implant procedure.

  • By : Dr. Ravi Gandhi, Dentist (Gynaecomastia)

    Doctor and the staff gives good advice. We are very satisfied with the work.

  • By : Reubens Kimutai, Eldoret, Kenya (Ear Reconstruction)

    You may not be somebody to the world. But you just may be the world to somebody. In due respect let me appreciate, acknowledge and recognize your compassionate care and concern you served me at your clinic. Thank You.

  • By : Vanita Patel, California, U.S.A, (Liposuction and Breast Reduction)

    The procedure was successful, the results are amazing. Dr. Vishal is really good with his work. If anyone is interested in getting cosmetic surgery done, I would advise to get it done by Dr. Vishal. The results will fulfil your wishes and dreams.