Non – Surgical Treatments

Non Surgical Treatments

  • Non- Surgical Body Contouring

    VENUS FREEZE- The Ideal Non-Surgical Solution for the Face, Neck & Body

    • Body Contouring
    • Belly Reduction
    • Inch loss
    • Cellulite for Buttocks & Thighs
    • Double Chin Reduction
    • Jaw line definition
    • Skin tightening and Wrinkle Reduction
    • Breast skin tightening

    Salient Features:

    • Safe, Simple & Painless
    • Risk free
    • 100% safe on all skin types
    • Walk-in treatment
    • Absolutely no side effects
    • Long term visible results
    • Age No Bar
    • Best option for Diabetics & Hypertensives
    • 6 sittings for Face and 6-8 for Neck &
    • Imported from Israel and US- FDA
  • Lasers - Hair Removal

    Hair Removal of areas like chin, eyebrow, neck, upper lip, sideburns, armpits, Upper &lower chest, Upper & lower back, bikini area, thighs & calf (males & females)

  • Botox

    Injections for correction of wrinkles on face, making you look young

  • Piercings

    Ear, Nose, Navel, Brow and other parts

  • Keloids

    Injections and applications, assured results

  • Dimple Creation

    One or both side of cheeks

  • Eye lashes

    Lengthening by application

  • Jaw Line Creation

    Creating sharper looks of chin and its sides

  • Eye Brow

    Making them more beautiful

  • Fillers of Face

    Lip Pouting, Chin definitions, Nose tip definitions

  • Acne & its Scar Treatment

    Dermabrasion, applications to fade the scar

  • Celebrity Makeover / Skin tightening / Polishing of face

    On special Consultations.

  • Tattoo Removal

    By lasers, dermabrasion or surgical removal.

  • Pre Wedding Beautification (Bridal)

    Specially for those who are getting married.

    Customized facial treatments according to the date of wedding.

    Tips on cosmeceuticals.

  • Page 3 Procedures

    Specially for models and actors. Customized treatment plans with luxurious treatments.

  • Hyperpigmentation

    Applications to fade the dark spots, lasers can also be done. There are other options of treating hyperpigmentation but those are subjectively decided on consultation