What are the advantages of Breast Procedures?

Improves the self esteem and confidence for those who undergo, helps to shape up and have co-ordination with other body parts. Makes feeding easier for the baby and the mother.

Are the results of breast procedures satisfactory?

Results are pleasing and reasonably good except in uncontrolled diabetics. They are planned such that the size and shape is harmonious with other body parts. Healing may get delayed in uncontrolled diabetics.

What is Body Contouring?

Takes off excess fat and tightens the loose skin, makes you feel better, makes your attitude positive towards life and in turn increases your youthful period.

How effective is Body Contouring?

Gets you into right shape and has permanent long lasting results.

How significant are facial treatments?

Facial treatments are done to improve one's appearance of the skin on the face. They are subjective depending on the skin type and colour. Usually the results are good if the after care is according to the prescribed course.

How soon can I return to work after facial treatments?

Usually, are walk in procedures and can be back to work in a day or two.

Are the results long-lasting for facial treatments?

Results are usually permanent.

What are the benefits for non-surgical treatments?

Instant, consumes less time, relatively effective, can be repeated when one desires and usually have no-side effects. Results are pretty acceptable.

Are there any treatments for baldness?

Solutions for mild, moderate and severe baldness. Results are expected in few months and permanent results are sure in hair transplant.

What is the cost of the treatment?

Each treatment is unique and is customized to the patient's need. The cost of a procedure is estimated on:

  • Time of procedure
  • Disposables used
  • Medicines used
  • Stay
  • After care involved
  • Type of anaesthesia
  • Supportive measures involved